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Does anyone know where I can post memes with - reddit

  1. Yes, there sure is! r/PewdiepieSubmissions is a great subreddit where you submit memes (fresh memes preferably) and I'm sure your account is old enough to create a post in this subreddit - plus you don't have to have a lot karma to do this, none at all in fact. When you do this, make sure you submit it at the right time to get more views + upvotes to get to the top of the the subreddit and.
  2. Are you a memes lover? Reddit is the best hub for funny memes. However, all of the hilarious memes are deep under several subreddits. As these subreddits covers a range of topics, it can be difficult to find the most hysterical memes out of all. So, in this article, we have come up with 10 funniest subreddits to make you laugh
  3. Select a post type. Click one of the following options on the right side of the page: Submit a new link - Allows you to post a link, a photo, or a video. Submit a new text post - Allows you to create a text-only post. Some subreddits only have one post option, while others have several more specific post options
  4. To make a text post on Reddit: 1. Go to www.reddit.com in your web browser and log into your account. Hopefully, you've done this by now. If you haven't, see the above section. 2. Click the Submit a New Text Post button. On the right-hand side of Reddit's home page, underneath the search box, you should see two buttons very close to each other

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After looking at the memes on the four most popular meme platforms - Twitter, Reddit, Gab, and /pol/, scientists from the Cyprus University of Technology, University College London, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and King's College London worked together to build a study related to the use and popularity of memes In this beginner's guide on how to post on Reddit, we'll look into 4 simple steps of making a successful submission along with a few extra tips for marketers.. Step 1: Create an account. Before posting on Reddit you need to have an account. Creating one is easy and it takes less than a minute, also no email confirmation is required Hello, I'm looking for for someone to post about me and my projects on reddit all day. You'll need to share links to press for my projects to the right subreddits. Share and create self posts to the right subreddits based on my project. and if you can, create memes to share to our own subreddit

Go to a subreddit that supports post thumbnails like /r/images or/r/getmotivated - this simply means you'll find the actual image next to the post title. For example: For example: The image above shows a thumbnail with a link pointing to https://imgur.com/a/jElce , which is nothing more than a banal (but effective) marketing attempt from Absolut Vodka's marketing department Contributing valuable content is your top priority when engaging a Reddit community. The value of your post will largely determine how your post is received by the community, however, there are other factors to consider. One of the most important factors is the timing of your submission. A valuable post submitted at the right time [ Top 10 Websites for Finding Perfect GIFs & Memes GIFs help convey your feelings when chatting with friends, so why not use them to talk to your blog audience? Learn where to find the best GIFs online What Time Should You Post to Reddit? By Max Candocia. July 29, 2017. Last Updated 10/24/2017 . UPDATE: A more recent and thorough analysis can be found here.. When posting anything on social media, whether a news article, a picture of yourself, or a funny image (or a combination thereof), you usually want to reach the largest audience Line cook memes reddit. The immense amount of creativity behind so many memes shared on twitter have even helped the careers of subjects of certain memes. Over the years, numerous variants have been created and some have even become memes themselves. See more ideas about funny memes, funny, memes

Memes are the greatest tool of humanity to express their emotions in a humorous manner. Although 'meme' term was first coined in the year 1975, it grew proportionally in the late 2000s. Here are the Top 8 Meme Websites where you can have a fun tim.. What's up, gentlemen? We are back again for another roundup of the best memes on the Internet. Now that we're into 2020 I'll be pulling the best new memes aka 2020's best memes each day. This marks the umpteenth year in a row that I've been publishing a roundup of the Best Damn Photos on the Internet each and every day and I'm glad you guys are still along for the ride Scraping Memes From Reddit With the Python Reddit API. knowledge to share, or a perspective to offer — welcome home. It's easy and free to post your thinking on any topic. Write on Medium Memes of the DankLeft Are Winning the Fight for Socialism. Leftist shitposts on Reddit, Twitter and Instagram are worth more than just laughs. This is radical content, influencing progressive discourse in a chaotic yea The members of one of Reddit's most active forums, r/The_Donald, post anti-immigrant memes. On a lighter note, Hillary Clinton referenced an amusing Facebook post in her book What Happened

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Repost is a term that is primarily used in message boards and social bookmarking sites to describe duplicate posts, meaning any recent user-submitted content that has already been posted before. It is most frequently used in online communities with a rapid post cycle and a daily active userbase such as 4chan and Reddit. The opposite of a repost is referred to as OC, short for original content A post shared by memes for depression (@ancient_memez) on Aug 19, 2020 at 6:38pm PDT View this post on Instagram In the end, the plate was the only thing that's hot⠀ #microwave #pig #9ga Reddit is a social news aggregation website that ranks content based on a scoring system determined by user votes. Its users are often referred to as Redditors, and belong to what has been called one of the most influential communities on the Internet in an article on Voltier. The site has played a significant role in the spread and creation of Internet memes DEEP DIVE. Waffle House memes on Twitter reference a lengthy post on Reddit's Relationship Advice forum wherein the OP describes issues her boyfriend has been having in which he physically fights with a cook at their Waffle House over how his eggs were cooked.. Whether it's true or not, the post's author explains that her boyfriend is an incredibly nice and caring person who loves.

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With over 100K active communities, on Reddit you can laugh, think, discuss and dig deep into topics that matter to you. Reddit is free and open for everyone to post, share, vote and discuss. Reddit is powered by people. Your communities upvote and downvote posts to highlight the most interesting and relevant content. On Reddit, your privacy and opinions matter On Monday morning, the Reddit user bdonvr wrote a post bidding his fellow users on the Walmart subreddit farewell. Well /r/Walmart, it's been great. Walmart Employees Post Union Memes to. Across Reddit, often buried inside the comments section, you'll find elaborate descriptions of image posts and videos, social media screenshots and memes. In one post on the subreddit r/hmmm, a. How to make friends on reddit #EthicalMemes. Wholesome Memes — How to make friends on reddit #EthicalMemes. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Wholesome Memes. Posts; Archive; How to make friends on reddit #EthicalMemes. Reddit is less known than more mainstream social-media sites, but it has long been regarded as a feeder source for many of the viral memes and inside jokes that take off across the Web

No more will power left (lolgang / reddit) Jump to. Sections of this pag The post is a reshare from @meme_love_you_long_time's account, and it fits with Burrow because the furniture company sells fancy furniture like leather couches. 7. Ugly Drinks Source memes from meme aggregators and Reddit. Memebase and Memedroid are just a couple of the sites that collect popular memes. You can get a good overview of what. Use an image hosting website like imgur.com to create an album of the images you'd like to post on reddit, imgur then creates a unique link that can shared on Reddit or any other platform where you want the images view. Thanks! Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. Ask a Question Like memes and love procrastinating on Reddit? Well, this dataset is your chance to do both. :) Content. The dataset contains the post ID, the image URL and the up/downvotes and other metadata for that particular meme. This should be a good starting point for common computer vision tasks Topics like depression, debt and failed relationships are regularly explored on meme pages on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter. The memes help to defuse situations with humor and to.

Step 1: Post watermarked memes on reddit. 15 player public game completed on April 2nd, 2020 76 1 1 day. 1. Step 1: Post watermarked memes on reddit. GoldenwingMonsieur. 2. mocha chip. 3. Step 3: Profit (from stealing memes) Meowlancholy. 4. rosmarino. 5. Step 5 Stonks Mozora. 6. jackarim. 7 Reddit Memes. Reddit is a popular place for sharing viral content. It can also help you stay on top of your meme game. Its meme subreddit has over 25,000 subscribers who make sure the channel is always full of fresh memes. Reddit also has a lot of other subreddits dedicated to specific meme topics If you see something posted that doesn't make sense, it's likely referencing an aspect of Reddit culture (a previous post, a meme — something popular from the site). Often, you'll be able to pin. One post in the group makes memorable use of the Distracted Boyfriend meme, labeling the boyfriend as Me and various distracting women as drugs and alcohol. Documentary, memes, Reddit,.

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  1. MBTI Memes — Found this on reddit. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. MBTI Memes. Original MBTI memes found here! Please don't yell at me, I am a bean with a family to feed. Submit a post; Archive; Found this on reddit
  2. One of the best places to begin is by looking at a list of popular tweets from sites like Zeitgeist. If you're thinking about repurposing tweets as Instagram content, then you can rely on a feed of your brand mentions via an engagement tool like Buffer Reply. 2. Source memes from meme aggregators and Reddit
  3. Democratic hopeful Joe Biden commented about the fly as well, jokingly asking people to support the insect's campaign. While some saw the humor in Biden's tweet, others criticized the politician for striking a low blow. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has not commented about the fly as of yet
  4. Memes are just the start. Traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns currently has over 84,300 shitposters, many of whom post meaningful content about transphobia or Trans Reddit provides a place for people.
  5. In mid-November, a satirical post depicting the cover of an imaginary magazine called Meme Insider rose to the top of one of Reddit's most influential meme communities. A few months later, a small group of redditors were selling print copies of a real, professionally stylized, monthly magazine—with designers, an editorial staff, and their very own post on the Reddit Blog
  6. They found that overall, Reddit and Twitter tended to post fun memes, while /pol/ mainly posted political and racist memes. First, let's start with the terrible end of the Internet: /pol/ are.
  7. The study concluded that in the world of Reddit — specifically in the case of images, the only type of content the researchers studied — a good post means knowing your audience. You have to know when to post (between 08:00 and 16:00 UTC, or midnight to 8 a.m. Pacific Time, is generally best — there's a sharp lull in the preceding hours.

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  1. On Ask Reddit. Notes. Posted 1 year ago This post has 46,219 notes. msconspiracycooper liked this . simplestardust reblogged this from defractum. kindofweirdimaginationme liked this howtogetawaywith-walsh reblogged this from positive-memes.
  2. Master of disguise (kennicole16 / reddit) That's actually not a bad idea . Memes
  3. Greetings! I am commenting this under your post to inform you that i am subscribing to you (ifunnys version of le reddit gold) i expect a post thanking me for the sub within the next 24 hours. The conditions of my subscription are as follows You must pledge your support to obamacare You must not repub any right wing memes And you must not repub any features (i already saw them stupid!
  4. For the most part, Reddit's transition to picture-focused content continued just as it did in 2010. Memes starting sprouting up all over Reddit: rage comics (/r/f7u12), First World Problems, Advice Animals many of our favorite memes first appeared on Reddit in 2011

Fonner's post on the social network Tuesday inspired hundreds of comments from Reddit users, many of them meme-lovers, who asked wide-ranging questions about the stories behind the photos. The general alt-right political leanings of Reddit's meme communities are only one factor in this meme war, though. Many posters feel that CNN threatened to out the redditor who posted the GIF. 4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. Launched by Christopher moot Poole in October 2003, the site hosts boards dedicated to a wide variety of topics, from anime and manga to video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others. Registration is not possible and users typically post anonymously; posting is ephemeral, as threads receiving recent. After a long day of working/surviving, sometimes you just need to sit down and zone out for a while. Why not inject some positivity into your day and indulge in some wholesome memes?This entirely new batch of memes is sure to make you feel that warmth that reminds you of hot cocoa by the fireside at your parents house Like many other memes, this one apparently first appeared on Reddit and has since been used to show a revelation about a particular behaviour. Meme Generator Philosorapto

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  1. g one of the top-favorited wholesome memes of all time. Check it out and bask in the sense of connection between two similar-looking.
  2. Reddit Memes. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Reddit Memes. reddit funny reddit memes funny memes dank memes dankest memes funny images funny jokes funny pics funny post memesdaily funny meme reddit reddit meme memes dank. 587 notes. 587 notes Jul 19th, 2019.
  3. A wholesome post on ask reddit. acejiki said: THIS IS ADORABLE HNGHHHH i wanna talk to people but i always feel like i'll be rejected or deemed annoyin
  4. Walmart Employees Flood Reddit With Pro-Union Memes To Protest Firing. At the time of publication, the top post on the Walmart subreddit was a meme featuring the cartoon cat Tom, of Tom and.
  5. What is Reddit? Reddit is where topics or ideas are arranged in communities. Start off with what you like and go from there. There are 100K active ones to choose from. Joining your favorite communities will create a constant, personalized feed of content like news headlines, fun stories, sports talk, games, viral pics, top memes, and videos. Earn fake Internet points (called Karma) by sharing.
  6. Once again, the original Tumblr post spread across the website and gained more than 34,000 notes back in 2015. It encouraged people to copy the meme and to post their own favorite characters carrying out a similar pose. The original post featured two people with one of them posing with their back to the camera and the other one facing forwards
  7. The memes started - as every good internet beef starts - when top enlisted airman of the US airforce Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF) JoAnne S. Bass uploaded a picture to facebook

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Pinochet and helicopter rides — referring to his death flight executions — have come to symbolize the anarcho-capitalist idea of physical removal. Pinochet memes formed the bulk of content on r/Physical_Removal, which Reddit banned for inciting violence in August 2017 Reddit users are voicing their opposition to Chinese-style censorship with memes. Tags: memes, Reddit, Tencent, Chinese censorship, Great Firewall The Tank Man post on Reddit was viewed more.

Instagram post by gallery.of.memes • Apr 26, 2020 at 7:24pm UTC *ME going for a walk* Cop: Sir, Where you coming from? ME after a month of quarantine: - popular memes on the site ifunny.c Reddit's r/all page overtly displays the intertwining of memes and politics, as one is likely to stumble upon on subreddits filled with political memes like r/PoliticalHumor or r/FULLCOMMUNISM. But meme politicking can also take on more iconic forms

Another location where virus memes are currently being shard is Reddit and specifically, subreddits like r/CoronavirusMemes. In one of the top-rated posts on the subreddit, user clandauro123 posted a meme with the caption when you find out your normal daily lifestyle is called quarantine.Since going live, the post has turned into a collaborative effort with many from the Reddit community. Some pups find fame on the Internet for their cuteness and adorable hijinks; they can brighten people's day even online. So to make themselves a rainy day fund, Bored Panda user Lydibug decided to ask everyone to submit their favorite dog memes. There are two things that make the Internet a place to stay — dogs and memes Updated at 12:35 p.m. ET on November 9, 2020. Being online has changed Donald Trump. He was the internet's candidate in 2016—he appears in Urban Dictionary's definition of meme god—and his.

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Reddit's Female Dating Strategy offers women advice — and a strict rulebook for how to act Memes, dating tips, and a judgmental look at women's behavior By Erin Taylor Feb 14, 2020, 12:10pm ES When people also get a chance to correct others for making factually inaccurate memes, it's like Christmas morning for some web users! Thankfully, the good people over at Reddit's r/historymemes love to share their knowledge of history with a healthy dose of comedy mixed in, so we can laugh while we're learning Twitter has stepped up its mass censorship of references to the New York Post's story about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden's alleged corruption scandal by removing both memes related to the story and criticism of Twitter's censorship of the story If you're a history nerd, good news. We just made a piping hot batch of memes from r/HistoryMemes, and they're all waiting for your eyes to feast upon them.There's also some from last week, if you need even more history memes.Check them out, they're top notch

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Here are ten examples of videos, posts, and memes from Election Day alone: 1) List of Jewish Opposition to Donald Trump Reddit user random6000 compiled this list of all Jewish opposition to Trump 38.7k Likes, 93 Comments - Animals Memes (@animals.hilarious) on Instagram: Reddit post

Friday Funny Memes and images enjoy responsibly (43 Photos) Friday Funny Memes and images enjoy responsibly (43 Photos) Have memes or images you would like to share? You can create a post or submit an image with our button on the home page or click here Need something fun to keep to occupied But now a 12-person team of Redditors (led by Brandon Wink and Ron Vaisman) is taking the idea behind r/MemeEconomy and making a working, interactive meme stock market

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A post shared by @ josephjupdates on Jul 11, 2019 at 12:13pm PDT And Facebook was home to complaints too: Now that Twitter is working for some people, we can return to Twitter for memes Much like a moth is drawn to a flame, we were drawn to memes about moths and their unquenchable thirst for lamps in summer 2018. They got their start with a Reddit post that July, a close-up photo someone took of a moth, which people soon began captioning and photoshopping until it took on a life of its own as a meme. There's really not much you can say about moth memes, besides that they. Memes are an idea or joke expressed through content on the Internet. Memes can be a photo, video, person, fictional character, song, event, gif, Tweet—the possibilities are endless. It's simply a memorable piece of content that gets spread widely across the Interwebs because of its relatability and humor Dark memes are here to help you laugh the blues away. These may have a twisted sense of humor, but they'll set your mind straight after checking them out. So happy scrolling through our finest collection of savage dark memes. They're dark enough for even the bleakest, hopeless fools out there. And if these dark meme images aren't dark enough for you, then you really ought to consider seeking. An image of Jackie Chan holding his head in confusion became associated with the my mind is full of fuck meme back in 2009 - it has been used as a reaction image, showing confusion or anger about a certain subject. A black and white print of the original confused image was later used in rage face comics, showing crudely drawn stick figures reacting to everyday scenarios

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Now that Yahoo! News is suspending articles I have no place to post funny memes on news stories. Should I use Reddit instead I personally don't send memes. I am not a meme kind of gal. I might send a GIF here and there, or maybe an emoji, but I pretty much like to stick to words. However, I know some people who swear by. Tags: humpday dank memes sex memes freshmemes relationship memes clevermemes funny pics memes random pics photodump reddit memes lol random pics mohaki1 dankmemes randommemes funnymemes funny 2020 girl amongus sus election lulz meme funny memes

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A post to a Facebook group called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Dank Meme Stash contained a purported Bible verse about the immorality of hoarding wealth and exploiting workers. Share Reddit Reddit users recently created a new community to post photoshopped images of President Trump and they are breaking the Internet with a bunch of 'Tiny Trump' images! The group 'r/TinyTrumps' already boasts of subscribers over 19,000 Facebook: memes. 24. reddit.com. 25. reddit.com. Share This Article. BuzzFeed Daily. Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! Newsletter signup form. No Simp September meaning: It is a challenge where men aren't allowed to simp during September.Simp is an insult / joke used by teenagers to criticise any male who is being nice to a woman. Learn what simp means here.Discover other memes of the month such as Finger Free February, No Nut November and Destroy Dick December in the Memes Calendar of 2021 - Other months list


DOOM and Animal Crossing Fans Share Wholesome Memes on Reddit. DOOM and Animal Crossing fans begin to post wholesome and supportive crossover memes of Isabelle meeting 'big fan' DOOMGUY on social. Welcome to the wholesome side of the internet! Four months ago, a new Reddit community called r/wholesomememes was born. Since then, over 275,00 325,000 people have joined, making it one of the fastest-growing new communities on the site (and one of today's trending subreddits). When we first created the sub, founding redditor u/Poppwall writes, we used 'Internet for the Spirit.

A post shared by Wow memes (@warcraftmemez) on Sep 2, 2020 at 10:01am PDT The need for speed takes on a whole new meaning when a horse runs so fast that it loses its teeth But the most popular posts, and the ones that routinely make it to the front page of Reddit, are the memes. They mimic the humor you'd find on the far right and left—almost as if they're a plea that neoliberalism can be just as funny and energizing as the ends of the ideological spectrum Reddit is a great place to find memes. It has become very popular over the past few years. Reddit allows you to search for any topics that you want. They also allow you to create an account, and this is where you can upload your own pictures and put them on their site. Finding things on Reddit is easy

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@boobsalads: this the way to do it via: tharealkitty/reddit Characteristics. There are two central attributes of Internet memes: creative reproduction of materials and intertextuality.Creative reproduction refers to parodies, remixes, or mashups, and include notable examples such as Hitler's Downfall Parodies, and Nyan Cat, among others.Intertextuality may be demonstrated through memes that combine different cultures; for example, a meme may. Source: Reddit. While Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be released in the U.S. on the exact same day as the PlayStation 5, it's not the only superhero launch title for the console.Though already released for the PS4, Marvel's Avengers will also get a PS5 release on November 12, placing it in direct competition with Miles' new game.. RELATED: 10 Spider-Man Memes Only True Fans Will Laugh A A post shared by Wholesome Doggo Memes A post shared by Reddit_searcher (@reddit_searcher) on Sep 12, 2020 at 7:52am PDT. 10. I can do that tongue thing. You're hired! View this post on Instagram

The post was eventually removed by the subreddit's moderators as potentially fake, Reddit has a complicated history with moderation, thanks to its early web 2.0 dedication to user-generated. Political memes, whether from the left or the right, are essentially political cartoons that offer humorous or sarcastic commentary on government, political figures, and political events. This collection of memes from the left of center provide insight into the perspective of American liberals

Memes on memes, one hundred years of memes, constant memes. click on post to follow or share. Menu Home; When english is not your primary language and you post on reddit Click to share to Facebook! meme memes joke jokes comedy gif gifs laugh love instagood happy humour fun funny. 0. June 16, 2018 Halloween Memes and hilarious holiday pics you'll love! Here are a few of the best Halloween memes to share I love Halloween! Basically because it marks the beginning of the holiday season and I love everything about the holidays. As soon as that fall feeling starts to hit all I can think about is Halloween everything I'm Mememan, and this is my arsenal of memes I use to fight evil and bring happiness to the world. Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; That is impossible in florida. memes dank memes meme funny images funny funny pics memes dank memes meme funny images funny funny pics funny post funny memes memesdaily comedy tin man. 46 notes Nov. Coronavirus memes are keeping people going at the moment while many are self-isolating during the Coronavirus pandemic. Here are our favourites. A post shared by Lauren: Food, Fitness, Memes. Coronavirus virus has been recking China and now spreading worldwide. And this situation turned into a meme. Here is 20+ Coronavirus Memes from reddit

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On Tuesday, a Reddit user called DutyCorp shared a Tesla Roadster comparison on the MemeEconomy subreddit, a subsection dedicated to discussing memes as if they were stock market investments. Going by the memes and funny posts that are flooding Twitter during this time, it is evident that meme-makers will not be deterred by a global pandemic. A post shared by Sunil Grover.

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